“Fast and efficient commissioning of our new two Vital Beams and Eclipse TPS Beam Configuration, producing a deep comparison analysis between measured and calculated data. Given a long experience, they immediately reacted if the data deviated from the normal range; I've appreciated their flexibility in finding out on-site solutions to ensure accurate measurements. Thanks to their extensive view of radiotherapy clinical practice, they also provided very useful suggestions on workflow strategies.

Thanks Giorgia and Eugenio for your prompt and conscientious reliable support!”



Shaid Yusuph



Chief Medical Physicist, Ocean Road Cancer Institute, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


"We have received support from Radiqa for 1.5 years. In this period, Eugenio Vanetti and Giorgia Nicolini have come several days per month to Geneva to support the ongoing physics work. They were also involved in the implementation of several projects. They combine a true professionalism with a positive personal attitude. It has been a great pleasure to have worked with them and we hope to have other opportunities to collaborate in the future."


Conny Vrieling and Nicolas Peguret

Radiation Oncologists, Clinique des Grangettes, Genève, Switzerland


"Following the retirement of our head physicist, Radiqa supported us for a period of more than 6 months, during which I‘ve appreciated the quality of their service. Giorgia and Eugenio brought the optimal mix of advance knowledge and real-world experience, with an effective interaction with all my department staff.They have proved to be a great resource for keeping up-to-date and moving forward with new implementations."

Daniel R. Zwahlen

Director Department of Radiation Oncology, Kantonsspital Graubuenden, Chur, Switzerland


"Our experience with Radiqa is very positive. Radiqa consultants showed extensive expertise of technical and scientific issues. They helped us to effectively increase the level of quality assurance in the radiotherapy department and in the optimization of our internal procedures.

In short, a very good job!"

Stefano Tomatis

Head of Medical Physics Service, Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery Unit, Humanitas Research Hospital, Milan, Italy


"We contracted with Radiqa Developments S.A. for physics services during a period of staff shortage at our Clinic. We knew that this Company had great leadership. To our full satisfaction, Giorgia Nicolini and the Radiqa’s management ensured our team that all federal regulations were met and our busy practice at the Genolier clinic fully supported. We have very fruitful relationship with Radiqa and it is a real pleasure to work with Giorgia and collaborate with the whole staff of the Company."

Jacques Bernier



Head of Radio-Oncology Department, Genolier Cancer Center, Genolier, Switzerland


"Excellent training in stereotactic planning and setting up of stereotactic services provided to our team by the dedicated professional consultants at Radiqa. Indepth knowledge delivered on ARIA/Truebeam/Edge platforms, their technical considerations and clinical implementations. Many thanks for your great professionalism."

Bon Mzenda

Head of Physics, Spire Specialist Care Centre, Chelmsford, UK


"As a chief therapist here at the Kantonsspital Graubünden I have only compliments for the professionalism, competence and expertise with which the physicists from Radiqa supported our RAO deparment during the time we were understaffed. They not only learned the operational sequences of our department but also became integral team members in a very short period of time.  Everyone here was sad when they left and we would all take them back immediately if ever we have another physics personnel shortage."

Chris Winter



Chief Radiation Therapist, Kantonsspital Graubuenden, Chur, Switzerland